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Remove Kennel Name From KC Registered Dog Name - 24 July 2015
Removing a kennel name or affix (ie at SOMEKENNEL) from the end of your KC registered dogs name is relatively easy, providing the breeder of the dog is in agreement and that the dog is still registered to the breeder.

The breeder can contact the Kennel Club and request that the affix be removed, then once you have purchased the dog and transferred to yourself you are able to add your own affix (ie at YOURKENNEL).

Ensure that the affix is removed from the dog before you transfer to yourself as you would have to transfer the dog back to the breeder in order for it to be removed, and then transfer back to yourself, as you can imagine this costs each time.

Glamour Chihuahuas cannot be held responsible for any name change errors that may occur, this article is offered for information purposes only.

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